Hello Beloved YOU!

I’m so happy that you found me. I’m a Certified Life Coach and am passionate about working with women to improve their lives. We will work together to create the changes that you want to make in your life.

What really lights my fire is helping women to remember how to love themselves, but even more, to be compassionate with themselves. Do you remember back to when you were a young girl? That little girl knew how to love herself – or maybe better said, she didn’t know how NOT to love herself. She thought she was pretty amazing before she, or others, started tearing her down. Together you and I can bring that back sense of self-love into your life.

My Passion

My whole life I’ve been the person to whom people tell their secrets (Even strangers at the grocery store!) and come to for advice. There is no doubt in my mind that if I’d been given the opportunity to finish college (the first time around) I would have ended up a psychologist. So, it really all worked out for the best because I LOVE coaching and know I’m able to help people move forward by creating subtle (or not so subtle!) shifts in their thoughts and their lives.

Shitty Self-Esteem Survivor

I consider myself a shitty self-esteem survivor. By that I mean that I was raised in a home and in circumstances that left me feeling anything but lovable – on so many levels. I spent A LOT of years looking for other people to love me (I’ve done some pretty embarrassing things to that end) because the fact of the matter was, I didn’t love myself. It took many years of cobbling together little bits and pieces of this and that that finally brought me back to the truth: I am lovable. There is no question of that now. And I want to be clear, I’m not talking about narcissistic love – I’m talking about true, beautiful, natural self-love. That’s one reason I became a coach. I see “the old me” in so many people I meet and I want women everywhere to feel the peace, safety, and joy that comes from truly loving themselves and their lives.

Other Tidbits

I am blessed to be the wife of the most amazing man on the planet. And I am the mother to one-heck-of an amazing twenty-two-year-old daughter. I live in Tucson, Arizona, but grew up in Southern California and the beach is my home. My life plan is either to live by the ocean again or spend large quantities of time there in the summer months. But for now sunshine every day of the year is not such a bad thing!


Certified Life Coach

I went through an intensive Life Coach Training Program with Dr. Martha Beck. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Beck, she has a few degrees from Harvard, has written a handful of wildly successful self-help books, has written a column in O Magazine since its inception, and helped design the Daily Life Work for Oprah’s Lifeclass, which Oprah calls, “profoundly good.” She has been training life coaches worldwide for many years and is an amazing and magical human being.

As for myself, I’ve always been the friend, the mentor, and the listener. And now, because of Martha, I’m also a well-equipped, certified life coach.

Equine Facilitated Coaching

I am currently in the process of becoming certified as an Equine Coach. I have found so much personal healing with horses and am beyond thrilled to be able to add coaching with them to the services that I provide. If you’re in the Tucson, Arizona area and are interested in this type of coaching, please get in touch with me!

The Art of Coaching

I have taken further, intensive coach training called The Art of Coaching, taught by two of Martha’s most incredible Master Coaches, Jessica Steward and Jennifer Voss.

Let’s get started!